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Duterte: I don’t care how many will die in war on drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday reiterated his warning to drug syndicates and other criminals.

Speaking before the Filipino community in Tokyo, Duterte said, "I don't give a shit kung ilan kayo diyang namatay. Just don't fuck with me on drugs."

"Talagang papatayin [kita]," Duterte said.

"Do not destroy my country. Do not destroy our children because they are the only ones we can depend on when we grow old. Kami po'y mahirap lang," he added.

Duterte is in Tokyo on a working visit.

Roundly condemned by local and international human rights groups, government data shows that Duterte's war on drugs has led to the deaths of 5,000 drug suspects since Duterte assumed office in June 2016.

Duterte, who is facing two communications before the International Criminal Court over the drug war, had repeatedly said he could not be indicted for extrajudicial killings, saying there is no such crime under the the country’s Revised Penal Code.

He also said authorities may only use deadly force if their lives were placed in danger when drug suspects resist arrest.

The President however had expressed readiness to face a death sentence should the ICC find him guilty of crimes against humanity in connection with the anti-narcotics campaign. —NB, GMA News