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Visa cancellation, deportation eyed vs. Chinese nationals arrested in 'underground' hospital

The Bureau of Immigration's (BI) intelligence division will recommend the visa cancellation and the deportation of the two Chinese nationals who were arrested in an unauthorized hospital in Pampanga.

"BI intel is now preparing its own report and recommendation for submission to the BI Commissioner and BI Legal Division for immediate cancellation of any existing visa and initiation of deportation proceedings," BI Deputy Commissioner Tobias Javier said.

Javier's message was relayed to reporters by Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra.

Police arrested two Chinese nationals when they raided a former leisure village that was allegedly converted into an illegal pharmacy and a seven-bed makeshift hospital for Chinese COVID-19 patients.

The two — the alleged administrator and the pharmacist of the facility — will reportedly face charges for violation of the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009 and the Medical Act of 1958.

Javier said the BI will coordinate with the police, which has custody of the two, in the event of a turnover for deportation proceedings.

Guevarra earlier said the immigration bureau will assist the police in tracking down the patients of the raided facility.

According to Javier's message, police said they did not find any clinic record or logbook they could use to identify the patients.

Asked if he will let the National Bureau of Investigation step in, Guevarra said he will do so if the current manhunt "encounters rough sailing."

"After all, two people had already been apprehended by the police, and they would probably provide further info as to the rest of the persons involved," he said. —KBK, GMA News