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After ending UP-DND accord, Lorenzana targets PUP next

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenza on Thursday said he also wants to terminate the Defense Department’s agreement with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) which bars the entry of state forces in its grounds without prior notice.

According to Chino Gaston’s report on “24 Oras,” this came after the Department of National Defense’s (DND) decision to unilaterally terminate its agreement with the University of the Philippines.

“PUP daw, but I haven’t seen. If you can present to me a copy, I will abrogate it also,” Lorenzana said.

GMA News has sought the PUP management for comment but has yet to get a response.

On Tuesday, the Duterte Youth party-list called on the DND to terminate the agreement, claiming that radical leftists groups have abused the UP-DND Accord in order to escape arrest for their "seditious acts."

Due to this, the PUP student council earlier filed a complaint against the group at the National Bureau of Investigation for alleged threat and harassment.

The student council said that after they submitted their position paper to the office of the party-list group, an individual called the council's office and threatened them.

However, this was denied by the Duterte Youth party-list.

“The Duterte Youth Party-list is not aware of their alleged issue of harassment. They were hospitably allowed to enter our Congress office and submit their position paper, they were even allowed to take photos inside and outside the office,” it said said

“If they will continue twisting the hospitality that our office has shown them, into their usual leftist propaganda, we will also file the appropriate charges tomorrow,” it added. -Joahna Lei Casilao/MDM, GMA News