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Duterte hits 1Sambayan, Carpio: What have you done for Filipinos?

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday took a swipe at retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and democratic coalition 1Sambayan, questioning their ability to fielding candidates in the 2022 polls.

"'Yang si Carpio, huwag ka na sumali sa politiko. Wala kang alam diyan, para kang buang. Yung grupo mo (1Sambayan) tingnan mo sa election, malampaso. Anong ginawa ninyo, puro papel?" Duterte said during his Talk to the Nation.

{That Carpio, he shouldn't get into politics. You know nothing about it, you nut. Your 1Sambayan, just watch the elections, they'll wipe the floor with you.)

"What have you done sa filipino? O kami tignan mo report ng buong pilipinas. Tingnan mo yung highway ni... tignan mo DILG wala nang reklamo, wala nang corruption DSWD yun," the tough-talking leader added.

(What have you done for the Filipinos? Take a look at us, our report on the Philippines. Look at the highways... look at the DILG, no one is unhappy with them, there is no longer any corruption at the DSWD.)

Duterte made the criticism amid the presence of Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea. Carpio previously urged Duterte to speak up on Chinese incursions in the disputed waters.

"Noon ko pa sinabi yan, hindi nakinig si Carpio e yang papel papel mo, huwag mo ako isali diyan. You know, Chinese government will just give you a finger. Hindi mo matakot ang mga yan. Because you firmly believe na kanila yan. Kontra sa atin, it is also a considered opinion that it is ours," he said.

(I've said this before, Carpio didn't listen. He's trying to show me up. Don't involve me in that. You know, the Chinese government will just give you the finger. You won't frighten them because they firmly believe that it's their territory. It's the opposite of our view, it is also a considered opinion that it is ours.}

1Sambayan, a coalition of groups and personalities, seeks to field a single opposition ticket in the 2022 national elections.

Carpio is a ‘dreamer’

Duterte called the former Supreme Court justice a "dreamer," saying China will not stop its incursions even if we seek help from the United Nations tribunal.

"Ito namang si Carpio, daldal nang daldal. Ano pa bang gusto mo? You think China will obey United Nations? I'll ask you a question, if United Nations will ask China because of that award given to us ibibigay ba ng China yan? Yan ang problema," he said, referring to the 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which favored the Philippines' claims over the West Philippine Sea.

(Carpio keeps on talking. What more do you want? You think China will obey United Nations? I'll ask you a question: if United Nations will ask China because of that award given to us, will China concede? That's the problem.)

"Can the United Nations compel China? And do you think China will give it freely because of the United Nations demand?" the President argued further.

Duterte added that Chinese incursions into Philippine waters began during the regime of former President Benigno Aquino.

"'Yan ang di ko maintindihan kay Carpio. He is a dreamer, and besides ang amo niya, it started the occupation of constructive... the constructive occupation of China happened during the Aquino administration," said Duterte.

Carpio also criticized Duterte for his two-week absence from the public. He also said the President was not being true to his oath of office with his policy to assert sovereignty in the disputed waters. 

Carpio previously said the Philippines can invoke the 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration if China attacks a Philippine vessel in the West Philippine Sea.

The Department of Foreign Affairs had fired diplomatic protests against China over the continued presence of Chinese militia vessels within the Philippine exclusive economic zone.

Retired military officials

The President also called the attention of retired military officials over the alleged claim that they were calling for a withdrawal of support for him.

The Philippine military denied the report that stemmed from a supposed Viber group of active and retired military officers who had ceased supporting Duterte amid Chinese incursions.

"Yung mga military na yan na magre-retire? Ano pang gusto niyo? Ako, I am ready. It is just a matter of going there and looking for trouble. Pero at what cost in the country? Hindi tayo pwedeng magpunta dun makipag-away," said Duterte.

{These retired servicemen, what do you want? Me? I'm ready. It is just a matter of going there and looking for trouble. But at what cost to the country? We can't go there and start a fight.)

Duterte went on to hint at the many benefits he had given the Philippine Armed Forces.

"Ayoko na sabihin kung ano ginawa ko sa inyo, many things I have done for Armed Forces. Many things. ayoko ko lang sabihin," said the President.

Duterte then said he would return home if the Philippine military did not fully support him.

"'Yan ang gusto ko ipaalala sa CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), you can ask all of them, when I say I am going home if I cannot have the coordination of the Armed Forces then there is no point in working for this government," said Duterte.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque earlier dismissed reports of a military uprising against Duterte, saying the President was not bothered by these claims. — DVM, GMA News