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‘VP Duterte’ won't be treated like Leni under Robredo admin, she says

Vice President Leni Robredo on Tuesday said she will not treat President Rodrigo Duterte the way he treated her if she decides to run and wins the presidential race and the latter the vice-presidential contest in the 2022 polls.

"I will not treat him the way he treated me," Robredo said in an interview on ANC.

In the event she pursues and wins the presidential race next year, Robredo said she is even willing to give a Cabinet post to Duterte should he decide to run and get elected as vice president.

"If he will be committed to the work that will be given to him, I think it's for the best that the vice president is given a Cabinet post," she said.

Robredo was once appointed as housing czar by Duterte, but her tenure only lasted five months since she quit her post after being excluded from Cabinet meetings.

Robredo was also been appointed as co-chairperson of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs in November 2019, but she was removed from the post after just 19 days.

Earlier in the day, Robredo said she wishes Duterte well in case he runs and gets elected as vice president in the 2022 elections.

Robredo made the response when asked to comment on Duterte saying he will run for vice president in 2022 so he can secure immunity from charges since his critics are threatening him with criminal charges after he steps down as president in June 30, 2022.

“I don’t like to debate on the legality. Kung tumakbo siya at manalo siya, wish ko sa kanya, sana hindi niya pagdaanan ang mga pinagdaanan ko noong VP ako,” Robredo said.

(If he runs for Vice President and he wins, my wish for him is not to experience the things I had endured when I was Vice President.)

Robredo did not cite specific instances, but the President has repeatedly lashed out at Robredo, who leads the opposition party.

Duterte, in a nationally televised address, called Robredo a liar.

Duterte also responded with "Mamatay ka na" after Robredo called on the government to subject the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine Sinovac to the approval of the Health Technology Assessment Council.

Duterte had suggested that his Cabinet check out Robredo's legs during Cabinet meetings during her tenure as housing czar.  — DVM, GMA News