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Personal Essay: Magical night for Pinoys and the 'Harry Potter' cast

LONDON -- It was an emotional premiere for the cast of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II," the last film of the very popular franchise. "This is not the end of 'Harry Potter' because this story will continue to live in the hearts of our fans," proclaimed Daniel Radcliffe who has been portraying Harry Potter since he was nine years old. Now 21, Daniel admitted that he will forever remember his Harry Potter experience since he has spent half of his life doing the series which has not only earned him recognition and awards but also £60 billion. Emma Watson, gorgeous and elegant in an Oscar de la Renta gray ballroom gown, could not control her tears as she spoke. "I reminded myself not to cry today but I just could not help it," the tearful Emma, who has portrayed Hermione Granger, said. "I would like to thank our fans who camped out for three days for this premiere and for all of you who came here tonight. I will forever treasure my friendship with the cast and crew and I would like to thank Jo (J.K. Rowling) for writing these beautiful stories for us." Then Emma hugged Daniel and Rupert Grint, and J.K. Rowling. Rupert, 22, who has portrayed Ron Weasley since he was 11, was choking and almost speechless. "I don't know what to say," he confessed. "It's so emotional to be onstage right now and see all of our fans here at Trafalgar Square still supporting us. Thank you for all your support. I will never forget this. My years with 'Harry Potter' are the best years of my life." Fans from all over the world attended the world premiere of the last "Harry Potter" movie. Trafalgar Square was closed to traffic as one would walk a 10-minute long walk on the red carpet. Our guests, Filipina teenagers Armani Engson, 19, and Izobelle Ordoña, 16, were thrilled and excited to see all their favorite actors up close and have photos with them. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am going to savor every minute of it," revealed Armani who missed the premiere last year. Izobelle, on the other hand, could not help but take photos of the whole event and could not wait to share stories with her younger sisters. "I am the number one fan of the 'Harry Potter' series and my sisters could not wait to hear my stories when I come home," Izobelle said. Despite prediction of rain, the weather cooperated and the guests, 90 TV crews and 40,000 people enjoyed very nice London weather as if somebody used a magical wand to stop the rains from pouring. Director David Yates, who helmed the last four "Harry Potter" films, thanked the cast and crew of the popular franchise and promised that this last HP film will be memorable to all of the fans. In the said movie, we are brought to the future, 19 years later when Daniel, Emma and Rupert get married and have kids of their own who they send off to the Hogwarts school of magic. Emma said, "It was very emotional for me because my son in the movie is as old as me when I started doing the 'Harry Potter' movies." Souvenir programs, free popcorn and sodas were given to the guests at the screening. After the screening, we went to the after-party where all the stars also mingled with the guests. Lechon or roasted pigs were served at the event that reminded us of Filipino parties. Dark chocolate and white chocolate fountains were there with all the various types of desserts you can ever imagine. A live band performed while guests danced all night. There was also a photo booth where they superimpose you between Daniel, Emma or Rupert, and make you part of the movie by using a green screen. When it was time to go home, which was almost past one in the morning, our two teenager guests thanked us for a wonderful evening. It was a magical night, indeed, for everybody. - GMA News
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