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Death toll from Ormoc City sea tragedy now at 41

(Updated 1:16 p.m.) The death toll from the Ormoc City sea tragedy on Thursday has risen to 40, while at least 10 have remained missing as of noon Friday.

A live report on GMA News TV's "Balitanghali" at past 12 noon said three bodies were recovered from the ill-fated vessel on Friday morning, including a man, a woman, and a child.
Before noon, Ciriaco Tolibao, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer in Ormoc, said there were a total of 191 people in the vessel, with 173 passengers as earlier reported, plus 18 crew members.
A total of 140 have been rescued in the incident, including 71 who were taken in various hospitals in Ormoc City.

An Agence France-Presse report said rough seas have forced rescuers to suspend the search for those missing.

Involved in the search and rescue operations are elements from the Philippine Coast Guard reinforced by a Philippine Navy ship and two Air Force planes.

Earlier in the day, President Benigno III directed the Coast Guard to conduct a speedy and thorough probe on the incident. 
A formal marine casualty investigation into the cause of the sinking will begin on Friday, Philippine Ccoast Guard spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said in a radio interview.
A preliminary investigation points to human error after the wooden hulled ferry made a sharp right turn soon after it left port in Leyte province, south of the capital, Manila.
Panicked passengers crowded the right side of the ferry, causing it to tilt slowly before capsizing, Balilo said.
"The ferry was carrying cement and rice but it didn't appear to be overloaded," Balilo said.
Scores, sometimes hundreds, of people die each year from ferry accidents in the Philippines, an archipelago of 7,100 islands with a notoriously poor record for maritime safety.
Overcrowding is common and many of the vessels are in bad condition.

Initial list of survivors 
Meanwhile, the Philippine Red Cross-Ormoc Chapter issued late Thursday a partial list of survivors based on records from hospitals where the victims were brought.

ORMOC Doctors Hospitals as of 3:30 p.m. (Thu)

    1.)  Rosalia Salinas
    2.)  Wenceslao, Alexa
    3.)  Adrian Donaire
    4.)  Mae Sopa - 34
    5.)  Oscar Donayre - 49
    6.)  Pacito Joyo - 57
    7.)  Alfred Primerano - 62
    8.)  Princess Ann Romo - 3
    9.)  Dulce Demere - 52
    10.) Felly Valenzona - 51
    11.) Angel Synday
    12.) Wilma Sidra Pacatang
    13.) Edwin Valenzona - 49
    14.) Lucille Diano - 53

Gachalian Hospital as of 3:20 p.m. (Thu)

    1.)  Gaspar Maglangit - 39
    2.)  Eugenio Arigue
    3.)  Jennifer Pañares
    4.)  Jason Ganabis
    5.)  Justin Donayre
    6.)  Andy Garciano
    7.)  Romeo Pogoy Jr.
    8.)  Erra Buensalida
    9.)  Alvin Del gado
   10.)  Edwardo Basturan
    11.) Michael Sinday
    12.)  Clifford Villarmino
    13.)  Hostelo Donayre
    14.)  Arlie Garciano
    15.)  Lisa Mayoni
    16.)  Romel Mayoni
    17.)  Denver Vismanos
    18.)  Nilo Niez
    19.)  Jaime Corta
    20.)  Berlina Laroga
    21.)  Charisa Baliguio
    22.) Meriam Labiste
    23.)  Edwardo Pasturan
    24.)  Pedrito Salili
    25.)  Leonita Guinocor
    26.)  Imelda Colonga
    27.)  Jerwin Castro
    28.)  Renedios
    29.)  Ramil Donayre
    30.)  Verlira Laroyo

ORMOC District Hospital

    1.)  Jurryl  Garjas - 10M
    2.)  Marichel Orasa - 40F
    3.)  Arsenio Daroy - 64M
    4.)  Josie Garjas - 49M
    5.)  Marilou Gonzaga - 35F


    1.)  Juan Balane
    2.)  Cherry rose Balerio
    3.)  Amelita Cartiga
    4.)  Catherine Degoma
    5.)  Pilar Federicos
    6.)  Aira Lapeciros
    7.)  Joan Magallanes
    8.)  Janet Patuar
    9.)  Leonile Vergara
    10.)  Lucena Sinday
    11.) Antoneta Wenceslao

— with Rose-An Jessica Dioquino and Reuters/LBG/RSJ, GMA News