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Chikungunya outbreak declared in Indang, Cavite

Radio dzBB on Saturday reported that a chikungunya outbreak has hit the town of Indang, Cavite.


Over 400 cases of chikungunya have been recorded in the province since the beginning of the year, with the majority of infection occurring in Indang.

In a previous interview on September 25, Department of Health Spokesperson Eric Tayag told radio dzBB that the same type of mosquito carries chikangunya, dengue, and zika viruses.

He further stated that their campaign against zika is also a campaign against chikangunya and dengue.

"Hindi po (nakamamatay ang chikungunya), mas matakot po tayo sa dengue," Tayag declared.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) "chikungunya is characterized by an abrupt onset of fever frequently accompanied by joint pain."

The joint pain can last for days or weeks—in some cases even months and years, which can be debilitating.

Other signs and symptoms include muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue, and rash.

Full recovery is common in most patients, but complications have been reported.

There is no specific treatment for chikungunya and medication is aimed at relieving symptoms.

Since 2013, chikungunya outbreaks have occurred in Antique, Bataan, and Iloilo but no deaths have been reported. The outbreaks typically coincide with dengue season. — Aya Tantiangco/VVP, GMA News