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'Super Balance' on Stan Lee's Superhumans

“Super Balance”

The search for humans with extraordinary abilities continues on “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” this Friday night on GMA News TV.
Norwegian Eskil Ronningsbakken appears to have a superhuman ability to switch off fear, enabling him to over-ride the innate reactions our brain would normally have in the face of deadly heights. He is a balance artist who devises his own balances at extreme heights, as he says, “without limits”. Daniel Browning-Smith witnesses an incredible demonstration as Eskil balances upside down on three chairs, inches from a 1,000 ft. drop, with no safety net.
Like the Marvel comic character Hellion, Miroslaw Magola, originally from Poland and now living in Germany, claims to be able to harness the power of psycho kinesis to lift objects off the floor, transport them through the air and force them to stick to his body – using only the power of his mind. To see if he’s a genuine superhuman, Daniel investigates what’s going on in his brain while he performs these amazing mental feats.
Feared for their aggression and territoriality, wolf packs can take down an animal ten times their size.  But, unbelievably, it’s rumoured that, Shaun Ellis, from the UK, has become wolf-like, by living, sleeping, bathing and feeding with a deadly pack of wolves. Daniel witnesses this affinity first hand as Shaun takes a fifty pound calf carcass into a den full of hungry, snarling wolves.
Dubbed in Filipino, this episode of “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” airs this Friday, June 14, at 8PM on GMA News TV Channel 11.
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