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Pinoys can expect easier time applying for multiple-entry visa to China —envoy

Philippine Ambassador to China Jose Santa Romana on Wednesday said Filipinos can expect that it will be easier to apply for a multiple-entry visa to China, a report on Unang Balita on Thursday said.

More and more Filipinos are going to China these days, Santa Romana added, according to GMA News' Sandra Aguinaldo's report.

Santa Romana said there are also new jobs that China can offer to Filipinos, such as English teachers and skilled workers.

"The Chinese middle class is growing real fast and there is a Chinese elite that is becoming more prosperous. And so they are able to pay higher salaries compared to what's prevailing for example in Hong Kong," he said at a press conference in Beijing.

Relations between China and the Philippines have improved but the issue on the territorial dispute in the South China Sea remains unresolved.

On Friday, the Philippines and China will have their first meeting on the bilateral mechanism tackling the matter.

The arbitral ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration nullifying the claim of China over a part of the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea may be tackled in the right time, the report said.

The meeting will also not touch on the structures built by China on reefs in the South China Sea.

"To ease the tension so that the South China Sea will not become a flashing point and will not be a cause of tensions or lead to possible confrontations or another possible standoff. And I think we have already achieved to a limited degree some of that. There's still issues that remain. But as I said, for example, the fishing rights at Scarborough. Preserving, preventing reclamation at Scarborough. For one year, we've been able to prevent it," Santa Romana said. —KG, GMA News