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Pinoy credits Olongapo childhood for successful career in US Navy

A Filipino-American who is now serving in the US Navy has credited his father and his childhood experiences in Olongapo City in the Philippines for his successful career.

"My dad taught me to be on time and be prepared for everything," said Seaman Recruit Eldridge White. "It helps me in the Navy because it is important to get the job done in a timely matter."

A graduate of Saint Joesph High School, white works as a yeoman, or someone responsible for administrative duties, aboard the amphibious USS Makin Island operating out of San Diego.

White has military ties with family members who have previously served and is honored to carry on the family tradition.

"My dad was in the Navy," he said. "He influenced me to join. I always thought he was so fly, hearing the stories he had to share."

The US Navy describes Makin Island as one of its most advanced and largest amphibious ships. It is designed to deliver Marines and their equipment where they are needed to support a variety of missions ranging from amphibious assaults to humanitarian relief efforts.

The ship, which resembles a small aircraft carrier, is longer than two football fields at 847 feet, is 106 feet wide and weighs more than 41,000 tons when fully loaded. It has gas turbine engines and two variable speed electric motors that can push the ship through the water in excess of 20 knots. It can carry more than 12 helicopters and six fixed-wing aircraft. —KBK, GMA News

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