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Man who assaulted Pinoy family in Los Angeles sentenced to 848 days in Prison

CALIFORNIA - Nicholas Weber, 32, the individual who assaulted a Filipino family at a fast-food establishment in North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California in 2022, was sentenced by the Los Angeles District Court to 848 days in prison.

The court decided not to pursue the hate crime enhancement charge against Weber but proceeded with both felony and misdemeanor charges.

On May 13, 2022, victims Patricia Roque and her mother were purchasing food at a drive-thru restaurant. At that moment, Nicholas Weber, who was driving an SUV, collided with their car from behind.

According to Patricia, Weber directed a racial slur at them and threatened them, even mentioning an intent to kill them. Feeling threatened and unsafe, Patricia contacted her father for assistance.

When Patricia's father arrived, the situation escalated as Weber's behavior turned violent.

Weber physically assaulted Patricia's father, Gabriel, and also attacked her mother. Patricia's father sustained a broken rib from the attack, while her mother suffered various physical injuries.

The court ruled that since Weber did not employ racial slurs during the assault, it was classified as a general intent crime.

Apart from the 848-day imprisonment at the Los Angeles County Jail, the court also mandated that Weber complete an 18-month alcohol program, attend 40 anti-bias group therapy sessions, and engage in 40 individual therapy sessions.

Weber was prohibited from approaching the Roque family and was required to provide restitution to the victims.

Meanwhile, the Roque family was disappointed with the leniency of the court's verdict.

The altercation between the Roque family and Weber, which led to the assault, was captured on video. — DVM, GMA Integrated News