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Born to be Wild kicks off 'Blue Hole' and 'Venom Extraction' series 

"Blue Hole" and "Venom Extraction" series
Beginning February 8
The Philippine Cobra is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.  In 2011, 36 deaths due to cobra bites were recorded by the Bicol provincial health office in Camarines Sur alone.  Most victims live in rural areas where hospitals are inaccessible.  Anti-venin or cobra bite kits are not that easy to purchase.  The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine or RITM which produces anti-venin is currently out of stock.  This inspired the team of Doc Nielsen Donato to launch a mission—to help RITM gather cobra venom which will be turned into life saving anti-venin.  But this task will not be easy.  Doc Nielsen travels to Bicol and faces the challenge of handling cobras to extract the needed venom from this deadly animal.
Meanwhile, Kiko Rustia is in for another underwater discovery.  This time, he and a team of marine researchers are on a quest to find out if a blue hole really exists in the province of Romblon.  Little is known about blue holes.  They are believed to be the least explored places on Earth.  They are flooded vertical caves at the bottom of the ocean, extreme environments with little or no light, and situated on the ocean floor which makes them difficult to access.  Yet these blue holes can also be filled with life forms that have adapted to the extreme conditions.  A famous blue hole can be found in Belize, but this time, Kiko and his team explore one right here in the Philippines.
Catch the blue hole and venom extraction series of Born to be Wild this Wednesday after Saksi.
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