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GMA Public Affairs launches new digital documentary program “Kara Docs” this May

GMA Public Affairs launches new digital documentary program “Kara Docs” this May


The award-winning group of GMA Public Affairs launches its first digital documentary program, “Kara Docs” to be hosted by veteran and premier documentarist Kara David.


Kara Docs gives faces to significant statistics on social issues. It amplifies the subjects’ voices as Kara David immerses herself in their lives. The program replaces Brigada, an investigative magazine program on GTV that aired its last episode on March 16, 2024.


Kara Docs promises to be an informative and powerful collection of short documentaries, which aims to shed light on pressing social issues. Known for her impactful and life-changing stories, Kara presents these stories with journalistic integrity but also with compassion and empathy, so viewers can witness the realities faced by many and create a connection that goes beyond mere numbers and headlines.


Catch Kara Docs this coming May on both its social media and television platforms.