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GMA PUBLIC AFFAIRS’ Resibo: Walang Lusot ang may Atraso continues the public service legacy


For decades, Imbestigador has been a beacon of truth and accountability in the Philippines. The groundbreaking public service program tacked hard-hitting issues, empowering Filipinos and giving voice to the voiceless.

At present, RESIBO carries on Imbestigador’s remarkable legacy.

Building on the foundation laid by Imbestigador, RESIBO: WALANG LUSOT ANG MAY ATRASO is a multi-platform public service program which serves as a credible and reliable tool to hear complaints, and takes a pro-active stance by providing concrete actions that gives hopeful resolution to every case featured. A year after it was first launched, the show is thriving to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged.

Every week, the program tackles pressing complaints encountered by the Filipinos across the country. Resibo’s resident Action Man Emil Sumangil continuously creates a huge impact in resolving public grievances with the help of partner agencies through serving arrest warrants, apprehending the perpetrators, pursuing investigations, mediating disputes, and exposing the truth behind every story with undisputable proof of wrongdoing.

RESIBO: WALANG LUSOT ANG MAY ATRASO airs every Sunday, 5 pm, on GMA, simulcast on Super Radyo DZBB and livestreaming on GMA Public Affairs Youtube and social media accounts.