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Make your own healthy ice scramble

Even before pearl shake and milk tea became a hit in the country, ice scramble was already one of the most popular summer treats, especially among kids. It is made of shaved ice and evaporated milk.

Usually sold on streets, ice scramble costs P5 to P10 per cup. Vendors put toppings like chocolate syrup, marshmallows and candy sprinkles. These ingredients, however, tend to be unhealthy and full of sugar.

There is a way to enjoy this summer treat the healthy way! “Pinoy MD” suggests whipping up your own version of ice scramble.

First, you will need to make an ice scramble base.


Crushed ice
2 cans of evaporated milk
½ cup sugar
1 small pack of red food coloring
1 cup of water


In a bowl, combine crushed ice, milk and sugar. Mix well. In a separate container, mix food coloring with a cup of water and then pour into the ice mixture.

For the toppings or flavors, you may use different fruits in season during summer. Here are some healthy variations you may want to try.

Buko scramble


Buko meat
Buko juice
1 cup gata


Mix ¼ of the buko meat and buko juice using a blender. In a serving cup, put the ice scramble base, then the remaining buko meat and gata.

Costs P50 for 4 servings

Health benefits: Buko meat is rich in fiber, which can ease digestion. Meanwhile, its juice acts as a diuretic and is a common cure for urinary tract problems.

Dragon fruit scramble


1 piece dragon fruit
½ cup honey
1 cup powdered milk


Peel the dragon fruit, cut into smaller pieces and then blend. When you get your desired consistency, add honey and powdered milk.

In a serving cup, put the ice scramble base. Then, add the dragon fruit mixture. You may also add fresh dragon fruit slices on top.

Costs P80 for four servings

Health benefits: Dragon fruit is rich in calcium, which helps in strengthening our bones and teeth.

Melon scramble


1 piece melon, small
1 cup evaporated milk
½ cup pinipig


Peel melon and cut into small pieces, then blend with evaporated milk. In a serving cup, put ice scramble base and blended melon. Add pinipig on top.

Costs P65 for four servings

Health benefits: Melon is rich in potassium, which can lower blood pressure. — Rica Fernandez/CM, GMA News