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Getting out of the ‘stalker zone’: Maggie and Victor Consunji’s love story

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If there’s anything worse than being in the “friend zone,” it must be the “stalker zone” – where a guy follows around a girl he’s pining for. But it worked for real estate scion Victor Consunji, who is living proof that you can successfully get out of it – that is, if you keep the creepy on a down low.

Victor and his “stalkee”, beauty queen Maggie Wilson-Consunji, are happily married for almost four years now. The gorgeous couple shared on the GMA News TV program “Powerhouse” how the greatest love stories can come from the most unusual beginnings.

From stalker to lover

Maggie was still with her then-boyfriend when she met Victor through common friends.

Victor worked hard to win Maggie’s attention. It proved difficult, for he wasn’t Maggie’s type of guy. “Masyado siyang gwapo for me. I don’t like good looking men,” Maggie said.

Maggie was also wary because he seemed to be following her around. “Halimbawa nasa Boracay ako for work, bigla na lang siyang susunod,” Maggie said. “Parang ang dami niyang free time to always follow me around.”

Add to that the fact that Victor got the “seen-zoned” treatment, too. “Kapag nagtetext siya, babasahin ko lang pero hindi ko siya rereply-an,” she said.

Admitting that he did stalk Maggie, Victor provided good reason for doing so.“I found her stunning when I first met her! By our first date I knew I was gonna marry her,” he said. “It’s a feeling that you get that I didn’t have before with anybody else.”

Love, however, will certainly have its way if two people are meant to be together – even if you think you are stuck in whatever dreaded “zone”. “Over the course of the year, our friendship became stronger, and by the time we were both single, our romance kind of blossomed,” Victor said.

Finding happiness in each other

In 2010, Maggie and Victor said their “I Dos” at a beach in Albay. It started raining when the priest asked Victor to kiss his bride, but the couple did not mind. “I really didn’t notice the rain anyway,” he said. It seemed the rain was just a way of showing how blessed they’ll soon become; now they are residing in their own home in Taguig with their one-year-old son Conner.

Life looks peachy for the two, who say they have found in each other exactly what they were looking for in a partner.

“I want a wife, a mother, a partner, a best friend, someone to grow old with,” Victor said. “I like that she has an opinion in everything. She’s smart and beautiful at the same time.”

To show how much he appreciates Maggie, Victor constantly provides her wife with sweet gestures. “He made me this pendant from scratch,” Maggie said, admitting it was one of the sweetest thing Victor did for her. “He smelted the gold, he shaped it and polished it.”

Like Victor, Maggie also found the perfect partner in her husband. For Maggie’s sake, Victor is willing to make compromises. In fact, he’s willing to give up his love for motorcycles just to give Maggie a worry-free life. “I want my son to have a father for a long time,” Maggie explained.

On keeping the relationship healthy

Getting out of the “stalker-slash-friend zone” is one thing, but once you’ve gotten out of it, you’ll have to take on another challenge: keeping the relationship intact. Despite the busy schedules and the luxurious lifestyle, Maggie and Victor always make it a point to go back to basics in order to keep their relationship long lasting. 

“Money isn’t the most important thing in the world – your family is, your relationships are,” Victor said.

“We always try to make time for each other,” Maggie said, spilling their not-so-secret to a healthy relationship.

Building a happy married life doesn’t need to take much. In fact, it can be as simple as sharing a meal together. “My recreation time is being beside her at lunch and coming home for dinner as well,” said Victor.—Isabelle Laureta/CM, GMA News
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