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South Korean priests start using iPad in mass

There is no problem if priests adopt tools like the iPad tablet computers while serving their homilies, an expert in South Korea said in a report last week. Although reading a missal from an iPad may draw controversies, an increasing number of young priests are now open to the idea of using electronic aids for their homilies, a report by the Union of Catholic Asian News said. At present, Vatican is still reviewing whether the Catholic church could use digital media in the liturgy. Young people are familiar with digital media and the use of such tools helps them understand the Church and their faith, said Father John Choi Yang-ho, assistant director of the Seoul Archdiocese's Catholic Internet Center. The center of Father Choi is presently working on several smart-phone applications as well as a digital missal for the iPad. But Father John Bosco Chang Shin-ho, secretary of the Korean bishops' Committee for Liturgy, was hesitant. "Until then, we should use the 'print' missal as clearly prescribed in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal," he said in the report. But Father Chang isn't closing the doors on using tablet computers like the iPad. "Even though we speak of a digital era, analog tools are still needed, and we need to combine both in a harmonious way," he said. —JE/VS, GMANews.TV