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NatGeo in PHL to shoot documentary on crocodiles

National Geographic Dangerous Encounters’ host Brady Barr is in the country to shoot a documentary on the Philippine crocodile.
“They (crocodiles) look like dinosaurs but they are very intelligent. They are very good parents. They are very complex animals and usually when they are violent encounters between crocs and humans, it is humans acting irresponsible,” Barr, a herpetologist, was quoted in the television report aired on GMA’s “24 Oras” newscast.
Brady's documentary for National Geographic focuses on Asia’s wildlife.
“You guys live in such a spectacular place. It is just like... I am envious because you have like such amazing flora and fauna,” the NatGeo host said.
Brady has traveled to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan to study on Surigao, a saltwater crocodile confined in Palawan Wildlife and Rescue and Conservation Center.
“[Surigao] is a giant crocodile. It is not a record-setter but truly a huge, magnificent beast. It was a beautiful beast, almost perfect specimen. Not overweight, it is in good shape [and] it has all of its tail. It is not the biggest in captivity and it is not bigger than Lolong,” Brady said.
He was referring to Lolong, formerly the world’s largest crocodile in captivity, that died last February.  — Rouchelle Dinglasan/ELR, GMA News