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MLQU now Manila's first solar-powered university

Manuel L. Quezon University has unveiled its newly-installed 96 kilowatt-peak solar panel system on Nov. 19, making it the first solar-powered university in Manila.
Covering a total area of 621 sq.m., the solar panels are capable of providing around 28 percent of the school’s daily energy needs.
“The use of renewable energy is ideal for a country like the Philippines,” said Dr. Isagani Germar, MLQU president. The Philippines relies mostly on energy from fossil fuels, which emit high levels of pollution. By shifting to using more renewable energy sources, pollution will go down.
The installation of the solar panels was handled by Propmech Corporation which entered into a memorandum of agreement with MLQU and the Department of Energy for the solar panel system.
According to Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla, ownership of the solar panels will be transferred to MLQU after 15 years.
This is all part of DOE’s goal of increasing the country’s total renewable energy installation of 5,521 megawatts by installing up to 100 kW rooftop solar PV systems in multiple schools across the country.
Other schools that are planning on following MLQU’s lead are Mapua Institute of Technology, St. Scholastica’s College, and La Consolacion College-Manila.
“Solar power supply has been in the country for five years. But when you ask people about it they still respond with ‘what’s that?’” said Secretary Petilla. “Through this project, we can show people that solar panels are here to stay.” — JDS, GMA News