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Philippine box turtle, newest species of turtle in the world, discovered in Davao City

The newest species of turtle has been discovered in Davao City!

According to Kuya Kim’s report on “24 Oras,” Tuesday, the study of the turtle started last year.

During that time, the staff of the Philippine Eagle Foundation considered it as a Southeast Asian box turtle.

“They ran a DNA analysis and also nireview din nila ‘yung morphology ng turtles,” Forest Restoration marketing officer Harold Kim Manla explained.

After doing extensive research and study, it was concluded that the turtle is a different species from the Southeast Asian box turtle. The study was published in the Russian Herpetology Journal and the turtle is now called the Philippine Box Turtle (Cuora philippinensis).

The Philippine Eagle Foundation in ALI-Davao Carbon Forest ensures that newly scientifically described species of turtles are far from danger.

“Marami na pong box turtles ang nandoon. They are free roaming. The Philippines is a hotspot for endemic species and it says a lot about our biodiversity. It sends a message that we Filipinos must take care of our forests. We need to step up more and help create a sanctuary for our wildlife here in the Philippines,” Manla shared.

— CACM, GMA Integrated News