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Hackers hit US Navy, Homeland Security sites

Hackers claimed to break into the subdomains of two major United States government agencies, posting what appeared to be stolen data online.
The group calling itself "Digital-corruption" leaked the database information of the Department of Homeland Security and US Navy on
"And we want to give a special thanks to vapor @vap0rizer," it said on the Pastebin page where it dumped the data (
Hacked were and, which the group said were vulnerable to a Blind SQL-Injection attack.
An article posted on The Hacker News said the database included usernames, passwords, email IDs, and security questions and answers.
As of Saturday afternoon Manila time, the affected US Navy page was still offline.
On the other hand, the DHS Transportation Worker Identification Credential website ( appeared to be back to normal. — TJD, GMA News