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Batman v Superman movie takes Comic-Con by storm

Look it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Warner Bros. finally giving DC Comics fans what they wanted to see, and through a surprise reveal to boot!
Throughout the entire weekend of the multi-genre pop culture event that was the San Diego Comic-Con, lucky attendees (and the rest of the world via the Internet) were treated to several teasers and promotional items from studios and brands that have upcoming new comics, movies, toys, and hobby stuff for the coming year and beyond. 
Among those participating, of course, were Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, who showcased some pretty amazing things at Comic-Con, especially as this year marks the 75th Anniversary of their Caped Crusading superhero, Batman. 
However, despite setting up an awesome Batman 75 display that even featured a look at the new Cape and Cowl that Ben Affleck will wear as the latest Dark Knight, people were more curious about the progress the studio and director Zack Snyder have made so far with their very ambitious yet highly anticipated superhero film – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 
Throughout the first few days of the convention, the only official update for the movie was a new picture of Affleck as Batman, which made its way online and showed the Argo director and actor wearing the Batsuit and brooding in a close-up promotional image for the movie. 
Also, Batman v Superman was not included in the list of movies Warner Bros. had for their panel presentation, which left plenty of fans concerned as to whether there would be updates on the film during SDCC at all.
But when it came time for the WB panel on Saturday, fans around the world finally got their prayers answered at the beginning of presentation. 
In an unexpected turn of events, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice logo was shown, and Zack Snyder went on stage to introduce a teaser video for the movie! The short video showcased not only a tease of the epic battle to come between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel, but it was a near perfect recreation, if not homage, of the fight depicted in Frank Miller’s seminal story "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns", in which The Caped Crusader is fully clad in an armored batsuit to take on his fellow Justice League teammate. 

The teaser showed Affleck’s Batman suited up very much the same way, but standing beside a shining Batsignal that lights above a very angry looking Superman, once again played by Henry Cavill. The video then ends as Supes flies straight down to combat Bats, with the crowd raving in thunderous applause and approval.
Aside from a showcase of the World’s Finest, the world also got to see the very first look at Fast & Furious franchise star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Dressed in full battle gear worthy of the character’s name, Gadot looked very much like an Amazon Warrior who’s ready to face anything, and she’ll certainly have her hands full when she fights side-by-side with Affleck’s Batman and Cavill’s Superman, or do something to quell their battle against one another to bring DC’s Trinity together to stand united for the first time in the big screen.
While it was certainly a tease of big things to come, the panel was arguably the best thing about this year’s installment of SDCC more than anything else. Even panel moderator and comedian Chris Hardwick was excited enough to take a selfie with the stars themselves Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot, who were present to just woo the crowd.

However, the team had to leave SDCC soon after to get back to filming the much anticipated sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel right away, but they certainly won over many hearts with what they have shown so far.
On a final note and while it hasn’t been released officially by WB on the web, a fan later recreated his version the teaser and posted it online: 
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will fly into theaters in May 6, 2016! — JST, GMA News