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Top 5 cybercrimes complaints in the Philippines, according to PNP

According to a press release from the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP ACG), a total of 1,211 cybercrime complaints were filed with them from 2013-2015. The top five complaints received were online scams (366), online libel (240), online threats (129), identity theft (127), and photo and video voyeurism (89).
There are 44 million Internet users in the Philippines as of 2014, said the PNP ACG, citing digital discovery engine Factbrowser. The users spend an average of 18.6 hours per week (around 2.6 hours per day) online.
The PNP ACG also released a list of Do’s and Don’ts that Internet users need to keep in mind while they surf the Internet to avoid being victimized.
“Victims of illegal online activities or targets of suspicious online messages are encouraged to report the incidents to the PNP ACG for proper evaluation and investigation,” the PNP ACG said.
You can report incidents or file complaints through:
For updates, you can access the @PNPACG Twitter or their official Facebook page. — With graphics by Jessica Bartolome/Bea Montenegro/TJD, GMA News
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