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Parents urged monitor children's internet, social media activities

Parents and guardians are advised to closely monitor the activities of children on the internet and social media, according to a report on Unang Balita on Thursday.

The issue of suicide is sensitive in nature, but this particular report aims to serve as a warning to the public.

There is a trend online called the Momo Challenge that shows a scary picture of a girl that is based on a sculpture made in Japan.

This so-called Momo Challenge started as a messaging application or app in which the victim is given instructions to inflict pain on himself/herself and others.

It was in 2016 that the Blue Whale Challenge became viral. This app poses a challenge to the victim to perform a series of tasks that leads to committing suicide.

It was this type of online challenge that one mother believes drove her 11-year-old child to commit suicide.

The mother discovered disturbing messages of her child and a classmate about a suicide game.

This game has a search history about the Dark Web, Blue Whale Challenge, and the Momo Challenge. Sometimes the challenge features a seemingly innocent video for children.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) has banned the Momo Challenge in social media. However, the game developers were able to operate.

For more information, the DICT has a program called Digital Parents.

It is important for parents that they are able to be updated on new technology especially with children adept to the latest trends.

YouTube, meanwhile, issued a statement that they have not found information regarding the Momo Challenge in their website and app.

The company said they have guidelines formulated against content that are dangerous activities. — BAP, GMA News