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Lea Salonga took 21 selfies at the 2017 Tony Awards

Tony award-winning theater actress Lea Salonga did good on her word when she said she had planned to take to take selfies with people she admired at the Tony Awards in New York, where she was a presenter.

True enough, her Twitter was on fire Monday morning with nothing but...selfies with celebrities! All 21 of them, at least as of this writing.

As early as Friday, Lea was already tweeting her excitement over the fact that actor Mark Hamill will be there. She also tweeted her theater friends like "Hamilton" creator Lin Manuel Miranda to seal those sweet selfie deals.

She started taking selfies during rehearsals and continued all the way to awards night proper, where she wore a glittering Rajo Laurel suit.

Check them out below, starting with the first of the lot:

1. With Josh Gad, who played Lefou in the live action version of "Beauty and the Beast"


2. With Mark Hamill, whom she bookmarked very early on.


3. With "Hamilton" creator Lin Manuel Miranda, whom she calls her pare


4. With other "Hamilton" peeps Christopher Jackson and Oak Onaodowan

5. With Justin Guarini and David Abeles


6. With fellow Tony award-winner John Lithgow


7. And her friend Brian Jose


8. With theater actor Stephanie Brock


9. With Erich Bergen from "Madam Secretary," which she posted twice, at the request of her assistant


10. Lea's beaming with Courtney Reed, who also played Princess Jasmine


11. With actor Ben Platt who won that night


12. Here's Lea with Cobie Smulder of "Present Laughter"


13. Having a ball with Theater owner Jordan Roth


14. Inside the theater, she was able to nab a selfie with Christian Borle, who was nominated that evening


15. And here with actor Eva Maria Nobledaza, who also played Kim in the Broadway run of "Miss Saigon"


16. She was able to take a photo with ex-VP Joe Biden


17. As well as with Josh Groban
18. Here Lea is with Frances Ruffelle, who also played Eponine in "Les Miserables"

19. And then with Benj Pasek, who was still holding his trophy from that evening20. She was able to take selfie with yet another winner, Rachel Jones21. And finally, with Denee Benton

Phew. Lea sure did have ball that evening, didn't she?—LA, GMA News