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Kris reveals rift with brother Noy, posts photo of reconciliation for Josh

Self-styled queen of all media Kris Aquino on Wednesday posted updates on the health of her eldest son Josh, who was taken to the hospital for a regular battery of medical tests.

In addition to videos of herself doting over and singing for Josh, Kris shared a photo she took of her brother Noynoy by the bedside.

Kris revealed in the captions that she and her brother "haven't been okay" for the past three months.



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"Kasalanan ko po yun... Naipit yung 2 boys ko- alam nilang di okay kaya pinili na wag dumalaw at wag iwan si mama... Ang pinaka nag suffer si kuya josh. Sa bawat pag ospital- si tito Noy was always there," Kris wrote.

She admitted that their relationship has always been complicated, her being the youngest and him being the middle child and only son.

Despite this, she gave credit to Noynoy as being the only constant male figure in Josh's life and for that, she was grateful. Swallowing her pride, Kris said she chose to reach out and apologize to Noynoy.

"Kinapalan ko po ang mukha ko today- nag text ako. Umamin na alam kong na hurt ko sya pero nakiusap- KAILANGAN sya ni kuya josh," she said.

Kris explained that she took the candid photo to show people a side of Noynoy they don't see often, partly due to his lack of social media presence.

"This is for all of you to get to know the real man, the true NOY AQUINO who is so deserving of RESPECT & ADMIRATION, galing po sa hindi perpekto pero totoong bunsong kapatid, na si kris aquino," she said. — Aya Tantiangco/LA, GMA News