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Vicki Belo says Scarlet Snow is starting to wonder why people know her name

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo said her daughter Scarlet Snow Belo has started to notice and question why people know her name.

"Now lang she’s starting to be aware at 4 years old. She's like, 'why does everybody know my name?'," Vicki told GMA News Online in an interview on Sunday at the advance screening of "The Lion King."

Dr. Vicki said she and her husband Hayden Kho are starting to think on making Scarlet go to a regular school when she turns 5 years old and slow down on projects.

"Once she’s five, we’re thinking about what we’ll do maybe she would go to regular school and everything," Dr. Vicki said, adding they actually nitpick the projects they receive for their Scarlet.

"Maybe we should slow down on all the projects; even our projects are very few. So many people ask but we don’t do, we don’t say yes to everything. Only things we believe in like Disney," she said.

How they maintain a normal childhood for Scarlet

Even though Scarlet has been involved in the glitz and glamour scene since she was 2 years old, Vicki and Hayden make sure that she gets to live a normal childhood during vacations out of the country.

"First of all, it’s so hard for us to go around Manila because there’s so many people who asks for picture and stuff so we travel a lot and that’s when she can relax," Vicki shared.

As much as possible, Vicki and Hayden said they treat her normally at home by giving her house chores.

"We always treat her normally in the house. She has to do her chores, she has to washes the dishes, you keep them grounded in the house," she said. — LA, GMA News