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Lee Dong Wook on returning to Manila after 13 years: ‘I was worried my fans would not remember me’

Lee Dong Wook was slated to appear at 3 p.m. for the #LoveKorea Culture and Tourism Festival, an event celebrating 70 years of friendship between the Philippines and South Korea at the SM Mega Fashion Hall.

But as early as 1 p.m., all five floors of Megamall’s newest wing were swarmed with adoring fans, patiently waiting for the Korean actor best known as the Grim Reaper in the hit K-drama series “Goblin.”



“I was worried that my fans would not remember me,” Lee Dong Wook began in Korean.

“This is obviously a remarkable event that we are celebrating. It means that over those years, we [have] interacted in many, many ways that have strengthened our friendship,” he continued.



Despite heading straight to the event from the airport, the actor-model looked fresh and every bit the heart throb that he is, shooting finger hearts and dashing smiles that drove the crowd to a frenzy over and over again.

Even Cassy Legaspi, whom we spotted at the event, was not immune to Lee Dong Wook’s charms, fangirling like mad.



He charmed his Filipino fans, speaking the usual pamatay Tagalog lines like “maganda ka” and “mahal kita” effortlessly, drawing endless screams of adoration from tireless fans.



But his fans charmed pants off the Korean actor as well. One fan, who turned out to be an administrator of his Philippine-based fan club brought him a cake on stage. He gratefully accepted and said he will take the treat to Korea with him, if he could.

He added he wanted to bring Philippine mangoes home with him as he loved fruits.



Lee Dong Wook was joined on stage by Sue Ramirez, an honorary Korean ambassador for Korea Tourism. Encouraging fans to travel to Korea and to try as many Korean dishes as they could, Lee said,” safety is always the most important thing. So when you travel to korea, be safe.” — LA, GMA News