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Iza Calzado tests positive for COVID-19

Iza Calzado has tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

According to her talent manager Noel Ferrer on Saturday, the actress received her test results yesterday, confirming that she contracted the disease.

In a Facebook post, Noel assured that her condition has improved.

"She is recovering well as she was aggressively treated for pneumonia and the virus. She can actually breath now without any oxygen assistance," he said.

Iza will be tested again to see if she has fully recovered from COVID-19, he added.

Although Iza doesn't know where she got the virus from, Noel assured that her husband, Ben, and all the others she encountered has not shown any symptoms.

Last Wednesday, Iza posted a photo of herself in the hospital wearing an oxygen mask, saying that she has pneumonia and is awaiting her COVID-19 test results.

Iza is the latest celebrity to test positive for the virus. Christopher De Leon, who announced he tested positive for COVID-19 last March 17, has already been discharged from the hospital.

—Kaela Malig/JCB, GMA News