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CLOY's Kim Jung Hyun to reunite with Seo Ji Hye through special appearance in new series

Still can't get over how the second leads Kim Jung Jyun and Seo Ji Hye's love story ended in "Crash Landing on You?" Well, now's the chance to see their romance once again!

Jung Hyun and Ji Hye, who played as the charming conman Seong Joon and the fierce North Korean Seo Dan respectively in the hit Korean drama series CLOY, will reunite once again in Ji Hye's upcoming MBC series, "Shall We Eat Dinner Together?"

According to a Soompi report published Friday, the Korean television network MBC has confirmed that Jung Hyun will be making a special appearance at Ji Hye's upcoming MBC drama.

Also starring Song Seung Heon as the leading man, "Shall We Eat Dinner Together" is a love story between a man and a woman who have grown hopeless about romance after they experienced painful heartbreaks. But by eating dinner together, they slowly recover and regain their ability to feel certain emotions over food.

Although the role Jung Hyun will be playing is yet to be revealed, the drama series is set to premiere in May. — Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News