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Gabbi Garcia reveals it was her childhood dream to join a beauty pageant

Gabbi Garcia on Thursday revealed that it was her childhood dream to join a beauty pageant.

In an interview with the entertainment media for her new youth-oriented show "IRL," Gabbi was asked by a member of the press if it ever crossed her mind to become a beauty queen.

"It was a childhood dream of mine to join a beauty pageant," Gabbi answered.

Gabbi recalled how she was fond of watching beauty pageants as a kid.




"When I was a kid I remember kasi diba dati ang beauty pageants Sunday's best, 'yan lagi gabi pinapalabas, tapos may school kinabukasan. Lagi ako nagpapaalam sa parents ko puwede ba extend, 10 p.m. ako matutulog, kasi I I really wanna watch the whole pageant," Gabbi said.

"Kahit after ng Q&A matutulog na ako yun ganong level so dream ko siya, actually, but then nag-iba 'yung universe ng direction para sakin eh," she added.

Gabbi said she started showbiz at 15 years old, "then until now I'm still in showbiz, and for you to enter a pageant, dapat wala kang contract sa kahit ano."

"Dapat as in wala kang contract with a brand or anything and at this stage of my life it's so hard to give up," she added.

Gabbi will be hosting IRL (In Real Life) which is a youth-oriented reality program where millennials and Gen Zs hang out and share their thoughts, as they make their voices heard on things that matter to them— love, music, sports, fashion, travels, gaming, and everything else inside and outside of their digital world.

The show is set to air on GMA News TV every Thursday at 9:15 pm starting on November 12.

For the first episode, Gabbi will have her boyfriend, new Kapuso star, Khalil Ramos as her pilot episode guest. —JCB, GMA News