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Ely Buendia says Eraserheads song ‘Minsan’ not about the band but his dorm friends

Shortly after Ely Buendia revealed some harsh truths about his relationship with the other members of the Eraserheads in an episode of "Wake up with Jim and Saab," the musician took to Twitter to air out more, erm, grievances.

"Big deal still? Why hate on people who want to tell the truth?" Ely began.

Saying how he was already living a quiet, happy life and didn't ask to be interviewed, Ely pointed to the fans and said, "Kayo 'yung makulit about the Eheads."

"The music is all that matters, have you forgotten about that, and who wrote most of it?" He asked. Using a sunnies-wearing emoji, he ended his tweet with a smug "just sayin'."



What everybody was raging about was what Ely said about the song “Minsan” and what it meant.

In the podcast episode, the former Eraserheads frontman admitted hating the “whole sentimentality” of the song because fans used it against them when they disbanded in 2002.

“I was kind of sick of fans saying ‘you’re friends, you shouldn’t have [broken] up.’ They made us feel bad and I was sick of that,” he said.

Ely revealed that the Eheads members “were never close” and that they were “never tight friends.”

“That’s why we broke up," he said. "I mean we weren’t Itchyworms. We weren’t Parokya ni Edgar," he continued, referencing Pinoy bands whose members are famously friends.

According to Ely, the track off their sophomore album isn't about the fabled bond between the members of the Eraserheads. 

“That song is actually about my actual friends — the friends that was with me during my stay at Kalayaan. So it wasn’t about the Eraserheads. It was about my friends,” he said.

Still, Ely assured that the bandmembers’ had a good working relationship and that “it was good while it lasted.”

Lest we forget, what Ely said in the podcast isn't new. Last year, Raimund Marasigan said an Eheads reunion wasn’t possible because they “can’t get along.”

“Minsan” is among the tracks of the monumental Eraserheads’ 1994 sophomore release "Circus."

In March, the public were shocked to know that “Spoliarium,” another Eraserheads hit, wasn’t about what they thought it was. As Ely said, its meaning is just “really mundane.” — Franchesca Viernes/LA, GMA News

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