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'Trese' is number 1 on Netflix Philippines, enters top 10 of Netflix Canada and Netflix UAE!

"Trese" is at number 1 of Netflix Philippines chart on the weekend it premiered. Congratulations!

Its arrival was met with much hype, with Netflix giving it a marketing push not unlike major Hollywood blockbusters. There were countdowns, billboards, dedicated emojis, and even an after show.

But of course: "Trese" is the first Philippine anime on the streaming giant, taking with it and presenting to the world our rich mythology.

To the world stage it is: Apart from Netflix Philippines, "Trese" has also made its presence known in Canada.

According to a Facebook post on the Asawang Project page, "Trese" landed in the Top 10 Charts of Netflix Canada.


Meanwhile, it's also entered the Top 10 of Netflix UAE sitting in number 7, according to a post by Raige Maglalang, a Filipino residing in the middle east.

Created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldismo and first published independently in 2005, "Trese" brings to the world stage the Philippines' rich mythology.   

Congrats! Tabi-tabi po! — LA, GMA News


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