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The funny reason Dennis Trillo had to wear prosthetics in ‘On The Job’

Dennis Trillo is sporting a new look in "The Missing 8" or what the last four episodes of “On The Job” the series is called.

The Kapuso actor plays Roman Rubio, a prisoner who later becomes a hired hitman for those in power. Different from his usual pogi getup, Dennis will have a crooked nose.

In an online interview with the press on Tuesday, director Erik Matti shared that they had to make the actor appear as such because...he was too good-looking.

“Yung mukha niya — sobrang gwapo sa kulungan. Coming from [the first] ‘On The Job’ with Gerald Anderson, quota na ‘ko sa mga gwapo sa loob ng kulungan,” he said.

[“His face was too handsome for prison. Coming from the first ‘On The Job’ with Gerald Anderson, I’ve already had enough of handsome men inside prison.”]

“We came up with this idea na basagin ilong niyo [to break his nose],” he added.

Although the reason was light, the proud director said it helped Dennis portray the role powerfully.

“It brings out [Dennis’ sincerity in scenes because] you’re not looking at a popular actor when he’s doing the scenes. He's such a revelation,” he said.

“[He’s] endearing [even if he’s a killer],” he continued, adding that people will fall in love with him.

Dennis, meanwhile, said it was hard for him to shoot with the prosthetics on, but the struggles were “worth it” since it helped him build character.

“On The Job” is a six-episode series that will stream on HBO GO beginning September 12. The 2013 movie will be split into two parts to serve as the series' first two episodes, while fresh four episodes, called "The Missing 8" will close the series.

Starring Dennis Trillo, John Arcilla, Lotlot De Leon, and Christopher De Leon, “The Missing 8” circles on a journalist who looks into the disappearance of his colleagues, which are caused by those in power.

It's competed at the 78th Venice Film Festival earlier this month. — LA, GMA News