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Here's a guide to the Noli characters in 'Maria Clara at Ibarra'

The historical portal fantasy series "Maria Clara at Ibarra" premieres on Monday, but how well do you remember the characters from Noli Me Tangere?

In case you need a quick refresher on each character and their significance in Jose Rizal's novel, well, we've got you covered!

1. Maria Clara (Julie Anne San Jose)

Maria Clara is a dalagang Filipina and is the novel's primary female character. She is a sweet and kindhearted young woman, who is well-loved by everyone.

She is Crisostomo Ibarra's childhood friend and fiancée. When he was away in Europe, her father, the wealthy Capitan Tiago, sent Maria Clara to study at the Beaterio de Santa Clara.

Maria Clara is known to be the ideal, conservative Filipino woman. Her mother, Doña Pia Alba, died in childbirth, so she was raised by her aunt, Tiya Isabel.

2. Crisostomo Ibarra (Dennis Trillo)


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Raised in San Diego, a fictional town in Laguna, Ibarra spent seven years studying in Europe. He returned to the Philippines after learning about the death of his father, Don Rafael.

An idealistic student, Ibarra decides to honor his father's reputation of being kind and helpful by doing the same.

He seeks to improve the country and believes in the power of education. He even made efforts to establish a school in San Diego.

3. Padre Damaso (Tirso Cruz III)

Padre Damaso is the former parish priest of San Diego.

The arrogant priest acts superior to everyone around him and does not control his words—especially to Ibarra—even if others will feel embarrassed or guilty.

He is later revealed to be the real father of Maria Clara, and aims to stop her marriage to Ibarra.

4.  Padre Salvi (Juancho Triviño)


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The priest who replaced Damaso as the San Diego parish priest. He has a secret desire for Maria Clara.

Young yet powerful, Padre Salvi played a major role in Ibarra's downfall.

5. Elias (Rocco Nacino)

The mysterious fugitive is Ibarra's most devoted supporter and saved him on multiple occasions. Born rich but growing up disillusioned with the status quo, Elias devoted his life to helping out those most oppressed in society.

6. Sisa (Andrea Torres)

Sisa is the mother of Basilio and Crispin. After enduring an abusive husband and the disappearance of her boys, she eventually loses her sanity due to the trauma.

Sisa is a caring and devoted mother. She never stopped looking for her sons, and wandered around San Diego while calling out their names.

7. Doña Victorina (Gilleth Sandico)

She is the wife of Don Tiburcio de Espadaña. A socialite, she pretends that she is a Spaniard and forgets her own roots.

8. Kapitan Tiago (Juan Rodrigo)

Maria Clara's father and an influential businessman. He befriended Don Rafael Ibarra and Padre Damaso in San Diego.

9. Tiya Isabel (Ces Quesada)

The cousin of Kapitan Tiago who raised Maria Clara as her own daughter.

Other characters

Meanwhile, Barbie Forteza plays Klay. Not part of the novel, Klay is a Gen Z nursing student who time travels to the world of "Noli Me Tangere" to learn more about the Philippines' history and how it connects with the present day.


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More cast members include Lou Veloso as Klay's professor of Rizal studies and the reason for her time travel, Mr. Jose Torres; Manilyn Reynes as Narsing, Klay's loving mother; David Licauco as Fidel, a playboy businessman and Ibarra's friend; Dennis Padilla as Mang Adong, Ibarra's loyal servant; and Karenina Haniel as Victoria, Maria Clara's close friend.

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" premieres on October 3 on GMA Network.

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