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6 times David Licauco made the internet swoon

David Licauco just became one of this generation's hottest heartthrobs.

Apart from his charming looks, he's also been enchanting everyone as Fidel on "Maria Clara at Ibarra."

All over his social media accounts, fans have been going crazy over the Kapuso actor, who also starred in "Heartful Cafe" and "Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune."

In case you're wondering, here are six times David made the internet swoon.

1. David as a food server

Ever wanted to go to a resto so bad because of the server?

In one Instagram post, David shared how he once surprised customers when he served them food at his restaurant.

Of course, this turned his followers into a frenzy, seeing how hands-on the actor is with his business. It also just made them want to visit Kuya Korea in Katipunan more than ever.

"Gusto kong umorder, basta si David ang magde-deliver," one enthusiastically wrote in the comments.

In case you didn't know, David has four food businesses: the mentioned resto, a cafe, a health food line, and a comfort food restaurant.

2. David as a gym rat

It's no secret that David has such an impressive physique.

As such, he's not shy to show the fruits of his hard work by sharing gym selfies from time to time. In one, his arm veins from lifting are pretty visible.

The photo has been showered with fans expressing their admiration. A netizen even ended up saying "mahal na ata kita."

David says he strives to be "1% better everyday."

3. David as a baller

Apart from working out, another thing that keeps David's fitness in check is by playing basketball.

Though photos of him in a jersey and shorts may already be cool, it's definitely better to actually see the chinito hunk in action in training videos.

Fans couldn't help but shower his Instagram post with threads of fire emojis. Some also couldn't help but notice how good he still looks even when sweaty.

Oh, and his shooting, footwork, and dribbling skills? Seems pretty top-notch!

4. David as a loving son

If there's one thing to note about David, he is a family man. Although he is pretty busy with work, he still makes sure to spend time with his loved ones.

This is pretty evident on his Instagram, where he takes the time to share some of their adventures in or out of the country.

He would also make sure to dedicate a post to his family members on their birthdays.

In a post showing his travel photos with his parents, fans greeted his mom and dad with playful comments.

"Hi tita tito akin na lang po anak n'yo," said one fan.

5. David as a toned hunk

Of course, let's not leave out the result of David's working out and balling.

The Kapuso actor has been very generous with photos of his toned physique, making fans thirsty in the comments section.

Apart from those simply stating how hot he is, others said David has become a fitspiration for those aiming for the same body.

6. David as the "Sinaunang Red Flag"

Last but not the least, who can forget David's portrayal of Fidel as the "sinaunang red flag" in "Maria Clara at Ibarra?"

While Fidel is a problematic character in the beginning of the series, it's undoubtedly one of the things that make him even more attractive to fans.

His sexist and classic opinions? Fans hold out hope for his character development as his winks, smiles, kilig-worthy lines make them melt each time.

That's it for now, but if you're looking to see more of him, catch David on "Maria Clara at Ibarra" every weekdays on GMA-7 after "24 Oras."

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