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Jasmine Curtis-Smith stars in Sundance Film Festival entry ‘In My Mother’s Skin’: 'Dream come true'

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is in bliss. A movie she's starring in, “In My Mother’s Skin,” has been selected under Sundance Film Festival's Midnight section. 

In an Instagram post Thursday, Jasmine expressed how grateful she is to be part of the renowned film festival’s lineup this year. 

“A dream come true,” she began, saying she used to only watch "old Sundance entires in my high school bedroom."

And now, she 's "casted in film that'll premiere at the festival!" Jasmine wrote triumphantly.

“Sundance Film Festival 2023, we are coming for you," she said.

“In My Mother’s Skin” circles on a young girl who finds that her “duty to protect her dying mother” amid World War II is “complicated by her misplaced trust in a beguiling, flesh-eating fairy.”

It is one of only eight films that will be screened under the Midnight section, which features exciting stuff “from horror flicks to wild comedies to chilling thrillers and works” that “will keep you wide awake and on the edge of your seat.”

Also part of the category are “Birth/Rebirth,” “Infinity Pool,” “My Animal,” “Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls,” “Polite Society,” “Run Rabbit Run,” and “Talk to Me.”

Screening dates are yet to be announced, but the Sundance will run from January 19 to 29. Details on how to secure online or in-person tickets are on the website. 

Brought by the Sundance Institute, the film festival is the “ultimate gathering of original storytellers and audiences seeking new voices and fresh perspectives” since 1985.

Congratulations, Jasmine and the whole “In My Mother’s Skin” team!



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