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Here's a guide to the 'El Filibusterismo' characters in 'Maria Clara at Ibarra'

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" is heading to "El Filibusterismo" on Monday as Klay returns home after finishing "Noli Me Tangere."

With El Fili taking place 13 years after Noli, there's bound to be new characters in the story.

We don't know yet if Padre Florentino, Ben Zayb, Placido Penitente, and others will make it to the series, but several main additions have been confirmed.

Let's refresh our memories on these new faces and their roles in the novel.

1. Simoun (Dennis Trillo)

Simoun is the alter ego of Crisostomo Ibarra, who is thought to have died at the end of Noli. He survives, however, and he appears in El Fili disguised as a rich jeweler who manipulates those in power and secretly stokes rebellion.

However, he also has a personal motive which is to rescue the love of his life, Maria Clara, from the convent.

His new look includes white and longer hair, a beard, and a brown suit. In the "Maria Clara at Ibarra" teaser, he was also seen with a gun.

2. Basilio (Khalil Ramos)

Basilio, the eldest child of Sisa and Pedro, is the only one left in their family after his brother Crispin was tortured to death, his mom lost her mind and passed away, and his dad died while in rebellion.

Now grown up, he lives in the home of Kapitan Tiago and eventually studies medicine. He is the best friend of Isagani.

3. Kabesang Tales (Arnold Reyes)

Kabesang Tales is a tenant farmer in San Diego. His family took care of Basilio in the mountains when he was young.

When a friar keeps increasing the rent for the land he tills, Tales resists and stars a legal battle for ownership of the land. He eventually gets caught by outlaws.

5. Juli (Pauline Mendoza)

Photo: Pauline Mendoza/IG
Photo: Pauline Mendoza/IG

Juli, one of Kabesang Tales' daughters, is the love interest of Basilio.

To free her father from outlaws, Juli sells her jewelry to raise enough money to ransom him. She also agrees to become a servant instead of selling the locket that Basilio gave her. It was the only thing from her jewelry that she spared.

6. Paulita Gomez (Julia Pascual)

Photo: Julia Pascual/IG
Photo: Julia Pascual/IG

Paulita is the girlfriend of Isagani. A niece of Doña Victorina, she is admired by many because of her looks and wealth.

After Isagani gets imprisoned, she ends up marrying Juanito Pelaez.

7. Isagani (Kim De Leon)

Photo: Kim De Leon/IG
Photo: Kim De Leon/IG

Isagani, the best friend of Basilio, is a law student and poet who suffers with his finances.

He also eventually clashes with Simoun because of his idealism. He is among a group of students who are pushing for natives to be taught Spanish.

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