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Liza Soberano reintroduces herself as 'Hope,' co-creates short film commercial

Liza Soberano is now entering a new era in her career as a creative behind the scenes while still being the star of the show.

In the latest commercial Liza co-created for a digital banking app Maya, the actress reintroduced herself to the public as Hope, proving that she can do so much more than just being "Liza" the actress.

In the short film, Liza was seen brainstorming with the executives of Maya behind the scenes, presenting her big and out-of-this-world ideas while still being the star in front of the camera.

"I just want to show people that I can do everything," Liza said in the commercial.

"I want to give the people Liza like they've never seen Liza before," she added.

Aside from co-producing a short film ad, Maya also introduced Liza as its newest Chief Advocacy Officer.

Earlier this month, Liza opened up about her past struggles in the showbiz industry and shared the development of a new career path she's currently working on through a vlog on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Liza's former manager Ogie Diaz responded to Liza's recent statements, saying that at the end of the day, Liza will still have the final say on what she plans to do about her life.

—Hermes Joy Tunac/MGP, GMA Integrated News