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SB19’s Josh releases debut solo single ‘Wild Tonight’

Make way for Josh Cullen!

The singer, dancer, and SB19 member released his debut solo single “Wild Tonight” with an intriguing music video, that's totally different from his work with the group.

Inspired by vampires, the video is set in a mansion and a nightclub, and has Josh singing about how all eyes are on him, yet he remains unstoppable.

Josh really gets “wild tonight,” as he performs with dancers to the song that is “not your typical ‘Twilight.’”

As of writing, the MV for "Wild Tonight" is at the 5th spot of trending videos for music with nearly 445K views.

The separate performance video was released on February 28 and now has nearly 34K views.

Josh’s fellow member Ken also recently released his debut EP “COM • PLEX,” which features the single “ROCKSTA.”

Also composed of Pablo, Stell, and Justin, SB19 visited big cities such as Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Singapore last year for their first world tour.

— LA, GMA Integrated News

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