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Bianca Umali addresses 2019 parking lot incident with Ruru Madrid, admits it was over jealousy

Bianca Umali finally addressed the reported mall parking lot incident between her and Ruru Madrid back in 2019.

On Tuesday's episode of "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda," the Sparkle star confirmed that the incident indeed happened.

According to a report, an eyewitness said Bianca pushed Ruru away from her car and drove away, almost running over the actor.

"Yes, to clear things out, there was incident," Bianca said. "Pero 'yung lahat po ng lumabas na storya na nababasa n'yo, to the point na muntik ko nang masagasaan, it was exaggerated at some point."

Asked if what happened was because of jealousy on her part, Bianca admitted that it was the case.

"Merong history na pinanggagalingan," she said.

The report said that Bianca got jealous because of Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ruru's co-star in "Cara x Jagger." The incident occurred after the premiere of the film.

At that time, Ruru and Bianca had not yet made their relationship public. Ruru, meanwhile, admitted that he had a crush on Jasmine.

Bianca told Tito Boy that she is the jealous and the territorial type.

"'Yung pagkaselosa ko po alam ko na nasa lugar. Kapag alam ko na meron akong pagseselosan doon ako nagseselos, and I have been right all the time," she said.

Bianca also revealed that she and Ruru broke up for eight months after the parking lot incident. Eventually, however, they got back together.

"Ru did everything that he could to save the relationship as well and to win me back," she said. "And I did so much work also to forgive and to say that OK, let's start again because I love you."

Ruru and Bianca admitted their relationship to the public last year. They will star in the upcoming GMA Network-Viu Philippines collaboration "The Write One."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News