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Liza Soberano on her controversial vlog: 'I was just stating facts'

Liza Soberano guested on Friday's episode of "Fast Talk with Boy Abunda" to clarify the hullabaloo surrounding her career rebrand that started with a social media blackout and came to a boil with a controversial vlog called "This is Me."

Liza admitted she initially didn't want to do the interview with the King of Talk because she didn't feel the need to explain. But "I started having feelings of regret because there were so many interpretations of what I said. It was getting so noisy. So many thoughts and opinions were coming in. I felt I needed to defend myself," she said.

In the sit-down interview, taped last March 7, Liza said she was "just stating facts" in her now-controversial vlog.

"I was breaking down the journey and so people understand where, what point I am at in my life right now. I was literally saying, I started as a child. I didn't get the chance to grow into myself as an adult," Liza explained.

She clarified that she wasn't complaining. "I'm very grateful for everything I experienced. Napa-aral ko sarili ko, nakatapos ako ng high school. Nakabili ako ng bahay para sa family ko, here in the Philippines and for my grandparents living in the states. I'm so grateful for that kasi I was able to do things at such a young age, if not for this job," Liza continued.

"I just needed to state that I didn't get to become, or discover myself on my own terms. I had to do it with the whole country looking at me."

Liza caught the attention of the public toward the end of February when her social media channels were wiped clean for a rebrand. Her "This is Me" vlog, posted on February 26,  soon followed and quickly ruffled the feathers of  the showbiz industry including Boy Abunda who admitted on his show that he was disappointed. — LA, GMA Integrated News