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Rufa Mae Quinto stars in a 'Kill Boksoon' parody featuring her iconic lines

Go, go, go!

Rufa Mae Quinto just starred in the latest Netflix ad, where she did a parody of the movie "Kill Boksoon."

In the video, the Kapuso actress was dressed in a red velvet suit and pair of pants, just like the lead star in the movie Gil Boksoon (Jeon Do Yeon).

Rufa went violent when she realized that the products she got were not on sale anymore.

"Ay wow, now mo lang na say, go, go, go ka lang sa' pag scan," she told the cashier.

She then fired her gun inside the supermarket and used a sword to fight the cashier.

"Todo na 'to," Rufa said.

She also reenacted the iconic scene in "Kill Boksoon," where Gil used a Sharpie pen to attack someone from her back.

"Kill Boksoon" is an action drama movie that revolves around Gil, a top-ranked contract killer who continues to build her impeccable kill record while raising her adolescent teen daughter Gil Jae Young (Kim Sia) as a single mother. It is available for streaming on Netflix.

This isn't the first time Netflix released relatable advertisements.

Previously, the streaming giant announced its lowered subscription rates by borrowing Sex Bomb's "Spaghetti Song" starring the OG Sex Bomb Girls.

—Hermes Joy Tunac/MGP, GMA Integrated News