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Rufa Mae Quinto teases upcoming ‘Booba’ movie

Rufa Mae Quinto teases new Booba movie

It looks like Rufa Mae Quinto is set to put on her iconic colorful costumes again!

The actress and comedienne teased an upcoming “Booba” movie in her latest Instagram post, sharing photos of her looking hot in a white swimsuit at a beach in Waikiki, Hawaii.

"BOOBA is BACK[," she began her caption.

Rufa Mae added, “Purity, clarity, beauty, sexy, ty[.]”

“After 23 [years,] I revive my Booba self into new generation.. new movie,” Rufa said.

Released in 2001, “Booba” is now considered a classic comedy film with action, parodies, and Rufa Mae’s signature humor as the title character.

Booba follows the main character in Manila who looks for her long-lost sister, and her adventures along the way. Booba takes on odd jobs as a dancer and nanny, but later on showcases her skills as an NBI agent.



— Nika Roque/LA, GMA Integrated News