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Liza Soberano gets real about love teams in showbiz: 'We're supposed to be a real couple on and off cam'

Liza Soberano just got real about love teams in the Philippine showbiz industry.

In an interview with South Korean singers Ashley Choi and BTOB's Peniel for their "Get Real" podcast, Liza briefly mentioned the controversy that came after her rebranding.

Peniel asked if she was OK with talking about it, which led to the discussion about love teams.

"We're supposed to be a real couple on and off cam, and we only work with each other for our whole career," Liza said about love teams in the Philippines.

She compared it to Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

"In love teams, you're expected to just be with that one person throughout your career and in your personal life and, like, people don't wanna see you aside with another male actor or any other male in general," Liza said.

During the interview, Ashley asked if Liza got to choose the actor in her love team.

"What happens in the beginning of your career is they kind of test you, they put you in a project together where you guys are not necessarily the leads, and it's kind of like a chemistry test," Liza said.

"And if it becomes popular amongst the viewers, then they put you in your own movie or TV show. And if that really takes off, then you become a love team. You get shipped really hard," she continued.

Ashley went on to ask Liza what happens if the love team actors aren't dating in real life.

"Some love teams don't actually date in real life, but you're not allowed to say that," Liza said.

"The thing is, in the beginning of your love team, too, you're not allowed to say that you are dating because you want to keep the fans kind of hungry for you guys to actually be dating, and it helps with the projects because they're always excited," Liza added.

Liza said love teams have existed in the Philippines for a long time since around the '70s or '80s.

"Whenever we do, like, interviews, going into the projects, they're always asking about, like, whether we're dating already—officially dating or not—and so, it becomes this whole thing where your career and personal life kind of—the lines between the two get kind of blurred, and people just don't know what reality is," Liza added.

"And in the Philippines, the only way to become a really big star really, if you're not a singer, is to be in a love team," she said.

Liza also shared that to spice things up, sometimes, they will pair you with another actor.

Both interviewers said that it sounds so "mentally draining."

Liza is one-half of the LizQuen love team with boyfriend Enrique Gil.

The actress has an upcoming Hollywood movie titled "Lisa Frankenstein," with Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton. It's directed by Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams.

She also shared that she has an upcoming travel show about Korea.

Earlier, in a different interview, Liza said she doesn't plan to work in front of the camera in her 30s.

—Kimberly Tsao/MGP, GMA Integrated News