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Juancho Triviño pens appreciation post for 'Maria Clara at Ibarra' co-star Tirso Cruz III

Juancho Triviño expressed his appreciation for the second half of “Dynamic Duo of San Diego,” Tirso Cruz III, who played Padre Damaso in “Maria Clara at Ibarra.”

On Instagram, Juancho, who played Padre Salvi, said that one of the most important experiences he got from filming the series was the conversations with his Tito Pip.

“[Aba] syempre sa mga location kami magkasama palagi, kahit sa flight papunta Vigan (etong pic na to), from the stories and advise that he shared served as lessons for me throughout the show, na sobrang naka tulong, and sa career ko overall,” Juancho said on Instagram.

According to Juancho, Tirso’s willingness to listen and learn from other generations is admirable.

“[The] willingness to absorb and adapt is [I] think one of the reasons (apart from many more) why he had the career that he had, and still has,” he said.

Maria Clara at Ibarra” follows Gen Z nursing student Klay, who time travels to the world of Jose Rizal’s novel, Noli Me Tangere.

It became the no. 1 series on Netflix Philippines after its release.




—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News