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Leren Mae Bautista addresses alleged romantic involvement with Ricci Rivero

The office of Leren Mae Bautista, a municipal councilor of Los Baños and a former beauty queen, just released a statement addressing her alleged involvement with Ricci Rivero and saying, "We want to make it clear that these claims are entirely false and have no basis in reality." 

According to the statement, "the recent outreach activity in which Councilor Leren participated with Ricci Rivero is not an indication of a romantic relationship between them."

The event is just one of Bautista's ongoing efforts to serve the people of Los Baños, it explained, adding the office had to take down a viral video "depicting Ricci's belated celebration with his friends" because of growing concerns "about potential misinterpretation by viewers."   

"We encourage everyone to refrain from creating malicious and insinuating comments on social media," the statement continued.

"Councilor Leren Mae Bautista has dedicated herself to serving the community of Los Baños with utmost sincerity and integrity. Her commitment to public service has been shaped by the support and trust of the people she represents."

Last week, Ricci Rivero confirmed his breakup with actress Andrea Brillantes. 

— LA, GMA Integrated News