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5 scenes that will make our BarDa hearts flutter in 'Maging Sino Ka Man'

"Maging Sino Ka Man" just unveiled its official sound track with a music video!

The upcoming series teased some super kilig scenes between Barbie Forteza and David Licauco as Hannah Precillas performed the Rey Valera classic.

To get us hyped for the "Maging Sino Ka Man" premiere, here are five scenes that will make set our hearts aflutter for Team BarDa.

1. Carding giving Monique a piggy back ride

Previous teasers of the series showed Barbie's character Monique dancing in a club, where she encounters David's Carding.

In the music video, we now see the aftermath of Monique's partying—Carding ends up giving her a piggy back ride to take her home.

It's definitely giving K-drama feels! 

2. Dino taking care of Carding when he was sick

If the piggy back scene channels K-drama, then this scene is giving the romance anime vibe!

In the series, Barbie's character Monique pretends to be a guy named Dino to hide from people who intend to harm her.

When Carding gets sick, Dino takes care of him but he ends up holding her towards his chest in his delirium.

3. Dino and Carding near-kiss

Even with Barbie pretending to be a guy, her chemistry with David is just off the charts.

In one scene, Dino and Carding seem to have a heart and heart which ends up with them staring at each other's lips.

Did they or did they not? We can't wait to know! 

4. Dino feeling jealous over Cleo

The music video also introduces the supporting cast of the series, including Faith da Silva who plays Cleo Ramirez.

Cleo is shown being clingy towards Carding and Dino happens to see it—someone's definitely feeling jealous!

This causes tension between Carding and Dino, a call back to Barbie and David's days as Klay and Fidel in "Maria Clara at Ibarra."

5. Carding and Monique jumping off a bridge in a motorcycle

"Maging Sino Ka Man" is an action series, so of course there will be stunts. And it looks like it's packing quite the punch—not just with David's scenes but also with Barbie in tow!

In the music video, a motorcycle chase has Carding and Monique driving straight towards a plank of a truck and jumping off a bridge into the Pasig River.

What a scene!

"Maging Sino Ka Man" is a remake of the iconic '90s film of the same name, which starred Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla.

Directed by Enzo Williams, the special limited series will premiere on September 11 at 8 p.m. after "24 Oras."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News