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'Royal Blood' drops 3 other versions of Diana Royales killer reveal

"Royal Blood" ended with the revelation of Diana Royales's killer—it's none other than Louie Castor, Margaret Royales's stepson.

Diana herself was earlier revealed as the accomplice of Margaret in killing family patriarch Gustavo Royales.

In an online exclusive, GMA Network showed three other versions of the Diana killer reveal that did not make it to the final cut.

First was her sister-in-law Beatrice Royales, who also had an affair with Margaret's husband Andrew Castor.

The second was Manang Cleofe, who was revealed to be the mother of Emil Bañez.

Finally, the third possible killer of Diana is Napoy Terrazo, her ex-boyfriend.

Diana was played by Megan Young. Beatrice was played by Lianne Valentin, while Cleofe was played by Ces Quesada. Napoy was played by Dingdong Dantes.

Margaret was played by Rhian Ramos, Louie was played by James Graham, and Gustavo was played by Tirso Cruz III.

The online exclusive also showed the reaction of the "Royal Blood" cast to the reveal of Gustavo's killer during their script reading session on August 15.

The cast also learned that Diana will be killed in the same session.

Meanwhile, the cast only learned about the identity of Diana's killer during the watch party of the final episode. Everyone cheered when it was finally revealed to be Louie!

—MGP, GMA Integrated News